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Teaching in Ligao: Last Day

Today was hard. Very hard. Even now, I'm getting emotional as I write this post. The day started typically enough: I walked across to the teacher's lounge amidst a chorus of "Hello, Sir" and "Good morning, Po." ┬áPoliteness is very important in the Philippines, and students are taught early on to respect their elders. Students... Continue Reading →

Touring Bicol part 2

How do you spend your last day in Bicol? Do you... A) have an amazing boat ride touring the small islands off the coast from Legazpi; B) Gorge yourself on a massive barbecue filled with crab, pork adobo, and other amazing foods; C) Spend most of the day swimming on secluded islands where you'e the... Continue Reading →

Touring Bicol

I am a master potter! The gang (Jenn, Greg, Rose, Hannah, and Adrian) and I toured the greater Bicol region. And I found my true calling! First, we traveled to Camalig to see a "possible" traditional Filipino Catholic wedding. I say possible because, it seemed highly likely that someone would be getting married that Saturday... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Ligao Day 3.

So, this blog post is a bit different. I'll be talking about 2 different things, instead of sticking to just one topic. In the morning, Greg and I went to the Local Climate Change Adaptation for Development (LCCAD) office and spoke with the Executive Director about environmental education efforts in the Philippines. The meeting was... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Ligao Day 2

Wow! Today Greg and I were on for nearly four hours of cultural presentations. I talked about life in Hawaii, and Greg talked about life in Massachusetts. Every hour we got a brand new batch of students and we got to repeat our performance from earlier. Every time we finished talking, they asked a ton... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Ligao

Today, I taught about the formation of the Hawaiian Islands to three separate classes. I spent hours crafting the PERFECT slideshow presentation. It had video, it had diagrams, it had talking cartoon characters. Birds sang when from the trees and angels trumpeted when I loaded it. I have a Chromebook ad I couldn't connect to... Continue Reading →

Bicol Regional Science High School

Oh my goodness, the power of focusing on STEM (or, really, just having a purpose truly integrated throughout the school). It is easy to see why Bicol Regional Science High School is such an outstanding school: the dedication and quality of its teachers. I had the good fortune to sit in Mam Noemie's independent research... Continue Reading →

Exploring Bicol!

Today we had an unbelievably busy (but rewarding) day! We woke up super early to go to Kawa Kawa Hills for "tree planting". (Note the air quotes). At first, I thought it seemed like the entire school had turned out. There were so many students, I could hardly remember them all. I must have met... Continue Reading →

From Manila to Ligao….

Today I'm traveling to Ligao. I'll use this day to explain a bit more about the title of my blog. A year ago, I applied for a teaching fellowship through the Teachers for a Global Classroom Program, which is a teacher travel and study abroad program sponsored by the US State Department and managed by... Continue Reading →

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