From Manila to Ligao….

Today I’m traveling to Ligao.

I’ll use this day to explain a bit more about the title of my blog. A year ago, I applied for a teaching fellowship through the Teachers for a Global Classroom Program, which is a teacher travel and study abroad program sponsored by the US State Department and managed by IREX. The program focuses on global education and teaching from an international perspective to empower our students for future success. Much to my surprise, I was accepted as one of the 76 fellows for the 2017 international field experience.

What followed next was an intense 10-week master’s level online course on global education. It was fairly brutal. I was challenged with discussions and articles that really pushed my beliefs and understanding. It really stretched my mind and teaching!  I was challenged to think bigger and more globally.  Then< i needed to take what I learned to my students. At the end of 10 weeks, the other fellows were invited to Washington DC for a three-day symposium on global education. What followed after is the international field experience: either two weeks during spring or three weeks during summer in one of six countries: Morocco, Columbia, Senegal, India, Indonesia, Philippines.  I was assigned (gifted!) with the Philippines, and I’ll be teaching in Ligao for 10 days.  How exciting!?

So, I’m from Hawaii, I’ll be in Ligao.. the name for the blog just seemed like it made sense.

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