Teaching in Ligao Day 3.

So, this blog post is a bit different. I’ll be talking about 2 different things, instead of sticking to just one topic.

In the morning, Greg and I went to the Local Climate Change Adaptation for Development (LCCAD) office and spoke with the Executive Director about environmental education efforts in the Philippines. The meeting was short (only about an hour or 2), but highly informative. The LCCAD came up with the first curriculum in the world, to integrate climate change and disaster readiness into every course from K-11. It’s rough, and in the draft stages, but they made the effort. Environmental education (specifically, climate change and natural disasters) is a key focus of the current administration in the Philippines, and the government is sponsoring several contests and initiatives to further this goal.

It’s inspiring to see a country do all they can to better the planet and save their people from environmental ruin.

Yes, it’s not perfect. Yes, they could do more (everyone could). But, it’s a start in the right direction. The intent is that the curriculum will motivate the students to talk to their parents and push them to adopt more eco-friendly habits until it becomes a cultural practice. It’s similar to how recycling was adopted in the US. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the Philippines’ commitment to the future. I can only hope that they make good on their promise.

When we got back from the LCCAD, it was time for my PD presentation. Greg presented on technology tools and some best practices. I piggy-backed off of him with some more best practices that could be implemented today: Cornell Notes, Scientific Models, Socratic Seminars, Philosophical chairs, and Citizen Science experiences.

I gotta say, it felt good sharing what I know, and learning from other people. This whole experience has been about learning and growing as a professional. I can honestly say that I’ve done so. This experience has profoundly changed me. I recommend that any teacher do this program! Teachers for Global Classrooms has been one of the best experiences of my life.

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